Epoxy Coffee Table

If you are not yet familiar with epoxy in woodworking, maybe you are a little behind the times! Epoxy resin has recently become very popular for filling voids, cracks, knots or any other imperfections. Epoxy resin can also be used to spruce up a design by filling in lettering for signage and other artistic pieces.

What can be most fun when using the epoxy resin for design is the ability to create different colors and patterns. For this particular project, our client wanted to match the epoxy resin to the same color as an existing gold base. The client was looking for a round-cut coffee table that was a natural dark color and had unusual characteristics. We were able to use this California Walnut piece and fill all the voids and tiny holes with the matching gold epoxy resin. The wood took in the resin very well and we used a flood coat of epoxy to make sure that the color in some of the smaller holes was going to pop out as well. The difficult part for our team to complete the table was making sure all the burls and unique characteristics stayed in tact while removing the bark and other dirt follicles. The team was able to accomplish this using a small dremel tool, as well as a charcoal blaster.

Overall, the design was very impressive and we love the way that the piece turned out.

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