Live Edge Ash Counter

Local Doctor’s Office

The same wood that is used to create The Louisville Slugger brand was selected to use for our most recent project.  The reception desk for a local doctor’s office needed to be constructed using a 13’ section, and a mitered 12’ long section of Ash.  The customer wanted a lighter wood and finish to compliment the floors, and the grain of this live edge ash tree had the right color and unique movement within the grain pattern.  The customer also decided not to use a live edge, so the edges were sanded down using a round over router bit to create a Bullnose edge.  The edge is flush and if someone were to knock or bump into the surface there would be no repercussions.  This project was a blast to complete, while working directly with our customer to complete the look they envisioned from the start.  Each custom piece is designed to be unique, and the River City team looks forward to helping you complete your next project, big or small!

Live Edge Ash Counter Live Edge Ash CounterLive Edge Ash Counter

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