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Everyone should have some sort of statement piece in their household, one of our favorite staples in any home is the dining room table.  Family and friends come together during the holidays and there’s no better way to start a conversation than having a piece of furniture that truly stands out.  Our most recent project does exactly that, displaying the unique design and character of the tree, the client wanted something “BIG” and natural looking.  The Walnut dining table was constructed using a single Walnut Crotch piece that extended over 50” wide, 9’ long, and over 2.5” thick.  The base was also custom designed using Red Oak beams to compliment the bulkiness of the tabletop.  Live edge slabs have become increasingly popular, maybe the biggest appeal to them is the natural design and the customer knowing that nobody else will have a table like it.  Residential projects like this always seem to have the happiest endings.  Not that our team appreciates these residential builds over commercial, but when designing a piece that is made specifically for the customers home and not their building, it brings a little more emotion and attraction to the project.  We strive to meet each detail for the customer and its always a joy to see the result and reaction of the customer.

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