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Power of Decor

What sticks out to you in this photo? While most would say the adorable pooch, it’s really the ensemble of décor that sticks out in the household.  The floating Walnut treads add an openness to the entryway that was not there before.  that add color and character, as well as opening the area to more […]

Epoxy Coffee Table

If you are not yet familiar with epoxy in woodworking, maybe you are a little behind the times! Epoxy resin has recently become very popular for filling voids, cracks, knots or any other imperfections. Epoxy resin can also be used to spruce up a design by filling in lettering for signage and other artistic pieces. […]

Small Items Carry a Big Load!

So, you don’t want to spend the extra money on a large custom designed piece, were not here to judge! Conversely, our team is here to help along the way! No project is too big or small for our team, and one of our more popular items to display is our live edge shelves.  These […]

Popular Live Edge Design

Everyone should have some sort of statement piece in their household, one of our favorite staples in any home is the dining room table.  Family and friends come together during the holidays and there’s no better way to start a conversation than having a piece of furniture that truly stands out.  Our most recent project […]

Local Doctor’s Office

The same wood that is used to create The Louisville Slugger brand was selected to use for our most recent project.  The reception desk for a local doctor’s office needed to be constructed using a 13’ section, and a mitered 12’ long section of Ash.  The customer wanted a lighter wood and finish to compliment […]

Custom NYC Salon

River City Wood Design recently completed work for a high-profile Salon in New York City.  The cabinets and reception desk were all crafted using Reclaimed White Oak from the 1792 Barton distillery that collapsed in July of 2018.  The wood was cleaned up but still has a little bit of that rustic reclaimed feel.  The […]