Think of a fast-food restaurant that has different meal suggestions, but you can’t change any of your toppings.  This is like buying furniture from big box stores like IKEA where you must find exactly what you’re looking for.  Until you’ve been to ten stores over the weekend and are still yet to find what you’re looking for, you might not realize the frustration of finding the right piece.   When you design your own piece of furniture, all the details are up to you to decide – were just here to help along the way! Perhaps the biggest benefit in custom design is choosing the exact measurements that will fit your space.  Lastly, we can choose from thousands of different pieces of wood River City is happy to visit your space and give design any design to make your place come to life!

Live edge pieces come in many forms such as console/entry tables, dining tables, conference tables, coffee tables, bar-tops and many more.  The unique characteristics of each tree ensures that no single piece is the same and that your design will stand out when you have visitors.

                                      Walnut Dining Table